Deep Wave 5x5" Closure (Sample Sale Item)

Deep Wave 5x5" Closure (Sample Sale Item)

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Closure specifications

Hair texture: Virgin Brazilian Deep Wave Texture
Closure Specifications: 18” - 5x5" closure
Hair Colour: Natural (1B) Colour
Lace Colour: Transparent
Additional Details: Knots have already been bleached

Please note: This is a sample sale item. Sample sale items are items that have been manufactured, tested and have not made it to our website which is why they have been discounted.

All of these items are in excellent condition and can be installed and styled as normal. 

All sales on these items are final and we will not be offering exchanges/refunds so please ensure you are happy with the item before ordering. 

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If you require faster shipping select 'Express Shipping' option when checking out (1-2 working days for all international customers).

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Additional photos

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